Fair Oaks
Chamber of Commerce

10014 Fair Oaks Blvd.
PO Box 352
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Ph. 916-967-2903
Fax 916-967-8536

Fair Oaks, CA

Shopping Centers

Shopping Center Map

1.    Madison Bel Air Center
(Madison & Dewey; north-east corner)
2.   Madison Village
(Madison & Dewey; south-east corner)
3.   Northridge Center
(San Juan & Sunset; north-east corner)
4.   Olive Gate Plaza
(San Juan & Winding Way; north-east corner)
5.   Winding Oak Plaza
(San Juan & Winding Way; south-east corner)
6.   Beechwood Center
(Fair Oaks Blvd, north side; east of New York Ave.)
6A.   Beechwood Annex
(Sunrise Blvd, west side, from Bob’s Cycle Center on the south; north to Winding way, including the Homestore. Sunrise Blvd, east side, from Players Pub on the south; north to Winding Way, including De Mers Oil on the north side of Winding Way. Penn Ave., east side.
6B.   Beechwood Annex
(Fair Oaks Blvd. south side, from La Boheme Restaurant to commercial center west of Bob’s Cycle Center)
7.   Fair Oaks Village
(Fair Oaks Blvd., east of Sunrise Blvd., north to Winding Way)
8.   Heritage Oak Area
(Fair oaks Blvd, from Sacramento Street on the south, east on Fair Oaks Blvd. to Winding Way)
9.   Quail Point
(Sunrise Blvd. & Madison Ave; south-west corner)
9A.   Sunrise Professional Center
(Madison Ave.; south side; west of Sunrise Blvd.)
10.   Wildridge Center
(Sunrise Blvd, east side; between Madison on the north & Sunset Ave. on the south)
10A.   Wildridge Annex
(Sunrise & Sunset; south-west corner)
10B.  Wildridge Annex
(Sunrise Blvd, east side; south of Wildridge Dirve)
10C.    Wildridge Annex
(Sunrise Blvd. east side; north of Widridge Drive to driveway of furniture store)
10D.   Wildridge Annex
(Sunrise Blvd. & Madison Ave; south-east corner)
11. Monte Park
(Fair Oaks Blvd. & Monte Park; north-east corner)
12.   Sunset Glen
(Sunrise Blvd. & Sunset Ave; south-east corner)
12A.   Sunset Glen Annex
(Fair Oaks Blvd. & Sunset Ave; north-west corner)
13.   Sunset Tom Thumb Center
(Fair Oaks Blvd. & Sunset Ave; north-east corner)
14.   Sun Oaks Plaza
(Fair Oaks Blvd. & Sunset Ave; north-east corner frontage)
15.   Parkview Square
(Fair Oaks Blvd. & Madison Ave; south-west corner)
16.   Almond Orchard
(Fair Oaks Blvd. & Madison Ave; north-west corner)
17.   Madison Oaks
(Fair Oaks Blvd & Madison Ave; north-east corner)
18.   Fair Oaks Square
(Fair Oaks Blvd & Madison Ave; south-east corner)
19.   Fair Oaks Pointe
(Madison Ave. & Kenneth Ave; north-east corner)
20.   Madison Plaza
(Madison Ave & Kenneth Ave; south-east corner)
21.   Madison Mall
(Madison Ave & Hazel Ave; south-west corner)
22.   Sunset Oaks Plaza
(Sunset Ave & Hazel Ave; south-east corner)
23.   Hazel Ridge Plaza
(Hazel Ave & Sunset Ave; south-west corner)
23A. Hazel Madison Promenade
(Madison Ave & Hazel Ave)

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